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Because successful SEO requires vast amounts of time, energy, and analysis, it’s no surprise that automated SEO softwares have been developed as an effort to simplify the process. Unfortunately, according to Fannit, the results these softwares produce are far less than beneficial for businesses and marketers.

In their latest article, Fannit unpacks 3 reasons why businesses should avoid automated SEO systems and pursue long-term solutions and benefits in their place.

Fannit begins the article by defining what good SEO really is. The article states that, “SEO is essentially a tool that enables searchers to find content online that is educational, interesting, and helpful. Good SEO takes people to good content.”

What automated SEO programs fail to do is produce well constructed, articulate content full of high-ranking keywords. Fannit says that, “Instead of having content developers that intentionally create tailored and effective content, SEO software spits out vast amounts of content with low-value keywords and inferior backlinks.”

This poorly developed content has 3 significant impacts on a business’ SEO rankings and internet presence. The first impact of this software is that it creates spammy, unhelpful content that damages the appearance of the business’s brand. The article states that an additional threat is that “…these spammy articles and links can also put you at risk of being penalized by Google.”

How are businesses to avoid these problems? Fannit states in the article that the solution is for businesses to, “Develop a solid inbound marketing strategy and go for real, honest, content development and SEO.”

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