Accentuate your eyes and minimize your beauty routine with eyelash extensions
Eyelash Stylist, Kristin Wood, is back and has a new, larger lash studio in Honolulu! She gives us a tour and tells us why brides should consider applying eyelash extensions for their special day. And guess what? It's not just for brides…she can do …
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From Eyelids Glued Shut To Eye Infections, 4 Eyelash Extension Horror Stories
Having thick, long lashes is every woman's dream, but how far will they go for a fuller look? Recent trends in eyelash plumping have now bypassed the trusty mascara wand, going to more extreme measures to get that dramatic, sexy look. A new fad of …
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Eyelash extensions are a health hazard and cause your natural lashes to fall out
Many women dreaming of long, luscious lashes opt to extend what nature bestowed upon them. But while they may seem harmless, one doctor has warned eyelash extensions can pose serious health risks, from eye infections to allergic reactions. They can …
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Eyelash Extensions and My Mascara-Free Summer
I've always been envious of people with naturally long lashes — like my sister, who has freakish (in the best way) doll-like lashes even when she hasn't curled them or applied a single coat of mascara. For a long time I've considered getting eyelash …
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