It’s the book that no one’s talking about. Frederic Rich’s “Christian Nation” imagines an alternative future in which John McCain was elected president and died in office, leaving Vice President Sarah Palin to establish a Christian theocracy where all constitutional protections are dismantled and fundamentalism rules. Palin’s not the extent of the threat, though; Rich recently told Andrew Sullivan he believes there’s a “‘deep bench’ of Christianist politicians worth worrying about.” Be vigilant, people.

Ace has posted a review of the book — well, a review of the free excerpt published by Salon, at least — and it’s truly inspiring. For one, it inspired the  #ChristianNationLostChapters hashtag.!/AG_Conservative/status/369664906162749440!/JayCaruso/status/369665151752228864!/Dodio/status/369666289213509632!/CoderInCrisis/status/369666700985135104!/Trambuck/status/369667104024174592!/AnthonyBialy/status/369667336464121856!/Red__Rover/status/369667465850015744!/Dodio/status/369668175941468160!/eohwae/status/369668305352544256

Where do you people come up with this stuff?!/maxjkleber/status/369676118132936704!/Rogue_40/status/369673743783579649

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