As Twitchy reported earlier, ABC News raised eyebrows with previews of its “20/20″ special called “Young Guns.” To show how dangerous guns can be around children, ABC planted guns in an elementary school classroom as part of an “experiment.”

Diane Sawyer live-tweeted as the program aired Friday night.!/DianeSawyer/status/429451944898220033!/DianeSawyer/status/429458052555624449!/DianeSawyer/status/429461704410271745!/DianeSawyer/status/429464037294735360!/DavidMuir/status/429452506423640064

The Blaze’s Dana Loesch didn’t need to wait for the special to air to shred ABC’s methodology. Behold:!/DLoesch/status/429458050554929153!/grover_charles/status/429467412581212160!/onthelevelpmhr/status/429471461158309889

@YoungGuns2020 @DianeSawyer
I hope 20/20 gets around to doing a story on how many children die from abortion every year.
#youngguns2020— KaitieRWK (@kaitie_rwk) February 01, 2014!/bob_owens/status/429471735302619136

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