Fast/Slow Telomere Shortening Predicts Cancer
We found cancer has hijacked the telomere shortening in order to flourish in the body." If scientists can identify how cancer hijacks the cell, Dr. Hou added, perhaps treatments could be developed to cause cancer cells to self-destruct without harming …
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Study: Salt intake accelerates kidney scarring in CKD patients by activating
The findings suggest new strategies for protecting patients' kidney health. While it's known that salt intake can contribute to the progression of chronic kidney disease, the mechanisms involved are unclear. Fan Fan Hou, MD, PhD, Wei Cao, MD, and …

Are You Afraid of Ebola?
While the protocol outlined by Dr. Donaldson is primarily focused on the Ebola virus the approach that he has outlined significantly enhances the immune system when facing other health challenges. … The lead doctor of the study, Dr. Hou of the …
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