The US economy is sluggish and so are the expenditures of people nowadays which makes it difficult in knowing how to donate during tough times. With worries over job securities, economic stability still in question, everyone needs to be more careful in planning their expenditures. However, charitable donations, which diminish at such times, needs to be perked up since it not only helps such organizations to survive, it helps us to feel more human when we participate, financially or otherwise, in efforts which are targeted in alleviating the sufferings of others.

Hard times do not necessarily need to stop you from donating to charities. Keeping some pointers in mind will help you to decide how to donate during tough times.

How to donate during tough times  – some pointers

There are several charitable institutions our there. Non-profit organizations, which work on cost basis and on social agendas such as education of underprivileged children, healthcare for senior citizens and so forth require active support of citizens in order to meet their running costs. While you need to decide where you want to donate, there are some activities which such organizations can do which encourages people to help or donate.

Many charitable organizations organize events such as walkathons, charity balls, theatres, performances and so forth. These events are not only great places to socialize, events to go to with friends and family where you can enjoy and contribute to a good cause as well.

Many people go through personal experiences and losses in their lives which sensitizes them to the works of non-profit organizations which work for similar causes. For instance, many people who have lost their dear ones to cancer, would like to further the work of charitable organizations which work for providing cost effective medical care for cancer patients. In such cases, before you invest or donate, it would be worth your while to do some research before you donate your hard earned money.

How to donate during tough times  – beware of fraudulent practices

There are various fraudulent people who masquerade as charities or set up charity scams to swindle people out of their money. There are various signs which such fraudsters exhibit and careful examination of certain traits will help ensure the genuineness of such organizations. Usually, fraudulent practices have poorly written and worded propaganda and written materials and they are coercive in their efforts to make people donate. Also, such people do not posses authentic identification of their organizations and usually fail to provide proper accountability of donations received and cannot give genuine receipts as well.

Thus, before you donate, be discerning and check up the existence of charitable organizations you wish to donate at organizations such as Charity Watch, Charity Navigator and so forth.   Once you have your faith established on a charity, donate and help generously by means of funds as well as your time as volunteer in their various activities.

Volunteering or donating to charitable institutions helps us to feel that we are able to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us in many ways. It helps one to feel grateful for the benefits we have in life and be able to use our resources for the help of others. Thus, figure put your own way on how to donate during tough times.

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