Iain Duncan Smith just wants to help people… in sickness and in wealth
That big speech you're preparing – the one about how sick people on benefits need to knuckle down and get back to work. I gather you're giving it at Barclays Wealth, provider of investment management to, as its own website puts it, 'wealthy individuals'.”.
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Jeremy Corbyn will set up a fund to help people on low incomes become Labour MPs
Jeremy Corbyn said Labour's members of parliament needed to be drawn from people who were facing the brunt of government policy so that they would understand what was at stake. The diversity fund would help party members in the top 100 target seats …
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Waupun girl collects quarters from lemonade stand to help people in Africa
The whole idea of helping people in Africa came from Diane Knowlton, the Children's Ministry Director at Edgewood Community Church in Waupun. More than 150 kids, aged 3 to 12, watched a video on each of the four days of the vacation bible school …
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Natural surroundings help men, people over 65 to sleep better
This new study shows that exposure to a natural environment may help people get the sleep they need." Researchers reviewed data from the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System collected on phone surveys. They used self-reported data on …
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