Judy's sweat-stained 'Wizard' dress to sell
A sweat-stained dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz could become one of the world's most expensive costume dresses if it sells at auction later this year for more than an expected $ 1 million. Who could ever forget Dorothy Gale's blue-and …
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Police dress up as construction workers to catch distracted drivers
Marietta Police dressed up as a construction crew at a busy Cobb County intersection Wednesday to catch distracted drivers in the act. Most drivers paid no attention to the road crew working at Cobb Parkway at Roswell Road, but the crew wasn't radioing …
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Wedding on the Beach: How to Dress Formal
Q: What should a man wear to a Florida wedding where the invitation offers the oxymoronic dress-code of “beach formal”? —SP, Providence, R.I.. A: Whether the venue is Palm Beach, Hawaii or Nantucket, the bride and groom want their guests to be part of …
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