Why cotton is so difficult to recycle—and how clothing retailers hope to
Cotton is by far the world's most popular natural fiber, and much of it is used for clothing. No doubt, it would be ideal if all those cotton clothes could simply be recycled into new garments when their time was up. It would keep millions of tons of …
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Download: Fed up moms create their own clothing for girls
“Clothes are such an expression of who we are and … how we choose to go out into the world is so important,” said Michele Yulo, one of the members of #ClothesWithoutLimits, who was inspired by her daughter, Gabi, now 10, to create Princess Free Zone …
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The Latest in Smart Clothing Detects Cancer and Prevents Injuries
Because he spends his days working at a media and commerce hub focused on the wearable technology and smart clothing industry, Rincon is among those with a cutting edge view of all the new and emerging products, news and developments.
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