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Item Description

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30 vege capsules:

A high-strength, multi-strain probiotics bowel bacteria combination with 20 billion organisms per capsule (equivalent to 40 pots of probiotic yoghurt, but without the sugar, dairy and fat). It provides 8 strains of friendly lactic bacteria which should inhabit a healthy gut and offers full spectrum support of the upper and lower bowel.

Encapsulated for acid resistance, this probiotic has been specifically formulated for natural health practitioners who treat digestive and intestinal disorders. It is ideal for use following antibiotics, travelling abroad and colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

Also available in 4 billion maintenance strength – Multi-Flora ProBio.

Beneficial for:

bad breath
bloated stomach
bad body odour
Candida albicans overgrowth
coated tongue
coeliac disease
Crohn’s disease
ulcerated colitis
diarrhoea and digestion problems
dysbiosis (unbalanced bowel flora)
flatulence / wind – excessive and foul smelling
gall stones
indigestion and reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
leaky gut syndrome.

Item Other Details
**Customers from outside the UK, please check postage at http://www.royalmail.com/**
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