(PRWEB UK) 18 November 2014

A new and innovative company specialising in web optimisation solutions, has announced the launch of their latest innovation – Lotrax.com. Lotrax offers a cost effective way to track and monitor the links users build to their website for SEO purposes and offers a unique opportunity for users to automate a large piece of the contact strategy.

Spectrum Optimisation Solutions Ltd has just announced the launch of a new (website) link monitoring tool, Lotrax.com. The Scottish based company has developed the online application to support a growing demand for efficiencies across the population of professionals involved in SEO – the process that increases a websites’ visibility within the search engines.

One of the key components in increasing search engine visibility is link building. Whilst the Google Hummingbird update in 2013 targeted and punished websites with a trend of having built low quality links, building high quality links to a website is still key to achieving improved rankings. The challenge according to Spectrum Optimisation Solutions Ltd has been to “develop a solution that significantly reduces the time taken to monitor a large number of links whilst keeping customers in control of the checks they want to run against their links”. It’s unknown as to the exact growth in the www however it is estimated that over 8 million new web pages are created every day. With an ever increasing shift into the online space and the pressures in the current economic climate, companies and individuals alike are spending more time and effort looking at how they operate in an effort to bolster efficiencies and reduce costs.

In an interview with the executive director of Spectrum Optimisation Solutions Ltd, Richard Zikakis, when asked about the benefits of the tool he stated, “one of our primary goals is to develop a user friendly, cost effective solution that saves our customers time and money. There’s isn’t a solution like Lotrax that allows you to automatically monitor thousands of built links independently of any website on a daily basis, whilst keeping the customer in control of what checks are run. We’ve automated a large element of the customer contact strategy. We’ve automated things as far as we could sensibly take things. I’m really excited to be launching this product due to the time saving potential that it can offer our customers”.

What you’ll be able to do using Lotrax:

Automatically upload existing links to be monitored
Input and store any number of website links and set the checks you want run (all links checked daily)
Ability to configure what action is taken when an issue is found
Set email content and have personalised emails sent out when an issue is detected (including the choice as to how many emails should be issued)
Track responses from partners who will respond using custom built response forms
Spend considerably less time monitoring links
Import and export your data

To find out more about this Link Monitoring Tool, visit Lotrax.com.

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