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50 quick tactics to improve your wealth

1. Take time to plan. Invest time in working out a long-term and short-term financial plan. The worst thing one can do is start trying to accumulate wealth without a real idea of what they are going to do tomorrow.

2. Invest wisely. Research stocks and know the amount of money you are willing to lose. High return equals high risk. Stay diversified and you should not be disappointed.

3. Pay yourself first. One simple word, save. Before you pay rent, bills and the like, pay yourself that is why you work. Take it out of the money been before it gets passed around.

4. Use cash. Using cash not only gives you bargaining power, but it also brings spending to a more tactile experience. It is much easier to impulse buy with a card, but counting out the cash is a bit harder to do.

5. Do not depend on a credit card. Credit cards are not bad in and of themselves, but if you are relying on a credit card to pay your rent or bills, then you have a serious problem. Get on your feet first.

6. Pay off debt. Get the monkey off of your back and pay off those outstanding credit card bills or your student loans. Your personal net worth will never increase until the debt is g-o-n-e.

7. Pay cash for big-ticket items. This makes you save and think about whether or not you really need that 80-inch plasma TV. It also gives you bargaining power at the check out stand. Try it, it works.

8. Shop around. Prices on big ticket items and even cars and comparable houses vary from street to street. Know what is the going rate in a given area for a given item.

9. Give to charities. Read any book about people who were able to amass a ton of wealth and they will say that they gave to charities on a consistent basis. Karma, anyone?

10. Budget. Take control of your money, do not let it control you. Budgeting allows you to tell your money where to go and what to do. It is the single most helpful practice to get into on one’s way to becoming wealthy.

11. Practice. Try out a budget for a month or two weeks. Did it work for you? If you cannot stick to it, then toss it. A budget has to work to be beneficial.

12. Find out what you are spending your money on. Track all your spending for a month, cash, checks and automatic debits included. Find out what is important to you by where you send your money.

13. Set financial goals. Whether it is saving $100 a month or having $30,000 in savings. Set the goal, write it down, and keep track of your progress. Every one cent counts.

14. Most goals in a place that can be seen. Make a poster or computer printout of your goal and put it somewhere you can see it every day. This will keep you focused on your financial goal.

15. Be thrifty. Every penny counts. Scour the newspaper for sales. If you can get something used, do it. Reuses and recycle as well.

16. Swallow your pride. Pride comes before a fall. Learn that you are not perfect and that you may have to change your standard of living to a lower status to attain a higher status later on.

17. Bargain shop. There are tons of stores that offer great deals. Calculate the time and gas it would take to get from each sale. Some bargains are worth the time and drive, others are not.

18. Barter. Do you have something, an item or a talent that allows you to barter your time or services for something else? Tree trimming or cookie baking for a new entertainment center? You betcha.

19. Make a deal (even at Wal mart). Just about every store will allow for some haggling. Find the right manager and decide what you are willing to pay. The floor model may have a scratch on the back that will save you a couple hundred bucks. It never hurts to ask.

20. Be prepared to walk away. If you cannot come to a win-win bargain with a seller, be prepared to walk away, and then do it. If you are not willing to walk away, your bargaining power is cut by half.

21. Know your limits. Know how much you can afford to spend on an item before you go into to purchase it. If the price is out of reach, then move on. You are actually saving money then.

22. Give yourself some blow money. Allow yourself to have the freedom of being able to spend money on silly and frivolous things. A shoestring budget will do nothing but choke you. Allow for some cushion and some fun!

23. Think positively. Most of the time we tend to concentrate on what we do not have or cannot have yet. Focus on your blessings and the things you do have, more than likely you are already blessed beyond reason!

24. Be choosy, it’s your money. You are in control of your money. Do not let people guilt trip you into buying a million brownies for the rhino scout club. You choose what to spend it on.

25. Be patient. Building wealth takes time. It may be slow going at first, but once building wealth becomes a snowball, you will really start seeing some differences. But be patient in the beginning.

26. Be an expert. Learn all you can about money markets, insurance, and products that you want to buy. Consumer reports is a great resource and well worth the subscription rate.

27. Long haul investing. The stock market has NEVER lost money over a thirty-year span. Long-term investing is safe and has solid returns.

28. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. From your co-worker’s money making scheme to the Hybrid car for less the $5,000, if it doesn’t make sense, then don’t buy it. Trust your instincts.

29. Gauge your wealth in more than cash. Cash is only one part of wealth. What about cars, homes, boats, and properties that you may own?

30. Be content. Contentment leads to great gain. Always being hungry for more will only leave you famished in the end. Learn to accept what you have, then more will come.

31. Set 3, 5, 10, 20 year goals. It is important to keep short-term goals that are reachable to keep you motivated, but you also need a longer-term goal to make sure you end up where you want to.

32. Find out what is important to you. Is it cash in the bank? A nice home? A ranch with emus? Discover what you really think wealthy is for you, not what the world tells you is wealthy.

33. Talk with a financial advisor. Many credit unions and some banks even have them on staff and if you are a member, you can talk with them for free. You share your goals, they do the numbers.

34. Work off debt. There are actually some government programs that will forgive your government loans by trading work hours. It is definitely worth looking into.

35. Know how your bank works. Read the small print on your bank statement. What are they charging you for? Can you get ATM fees returned by using a direct deposit? This can save you up to $50 a month.

36. Budget to live on 70% of your income. The rest of your money should go to shavings, investing, and charity. If you can get by on 70% of your income, even an economic hardship should not through you for a loop.

37. Keep an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and the opportunities that you have been given. A rancid attitude of entitlement will close the doors of opportunity very quickly.

38. Find some way to make money doing what you love. Everyone has to work and make money, sometimes it is doing what we love, but most often we just tolerate it. Find ways to turn your passions into money.

39. Stay focused. The new care that comes out in the spring or that big plasma TV sale can set your goals back months. Keep focused on the prize.

40. Keep the big picture in mind. Even if you blow your budget for a week or a month, keep on track. Do not through away your long-term plan. Even two steps forward and one back means progress.

41. Keep visual reminders of your goals and dreams. Create a vision board to keep you motivated for your goals. Images are powerful reminders of what you are working so hard to achieve.

42. Simplify and remove clutter from your life. This means not only material things (like that old Pinto in the backyard) but also things that needlessly consume your time. Keep life simple.

43. Find out what is important. For some people, it is the thrill of the hunt that is important, medium to high-risk investments might be okay for them. For others the goal is security, low-risk investments would then be the way to go.

44. Make choices daily. Do not live in the past of life for tomorrow. Take control of today and make the choices for today. Do not borrow trouble.

45. Institute a cool off period for impulsive buys. You see it, you want it. Write it down, take a picture of it. Then go home. Post in on your fridge and wait ten days. If you still want it at that point, then begin to plan to buy it.

46. Don’t shop hungry. Shopping while hungry lessens your will and resolve to stick to a budget, and you also end up buying more expensive and less healthy foods.

47. Stay educated. Get a subscription to consumer reports. Spend time online reading reviews of products and services. Ask around at work for advice before a purchase. Knowledge is power.

48. Stay true to yourself. Do not get caught up in other peoples dreams and schemes. You have your plan and what you want in your life. Do not let someone else take control of that.

49. Do not look the part, be the part. Act the part, save, be thrifty, be educated and the rest will come.

50. Get excited and build momentum. The more headway you make, the more momentum builds behind you. The more you save, the more debt you pay off, the more you can save and the more you can pay off debts. It’s a snowball effect.

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Wealthy Americans are just as scared about rising healthcare costs as everyone else

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