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Independent Curators Inc

401 Broadway, Ste 1620, New York, NY, USA

Independent Curators International (ICI) is a unique arts organization that focuses on the role of the curator in contemporary art. We believe that curators create more than exhibitions — they are arts community leaders and organizers who champion artistic practice; build essential infrastructures, such as art spaces and institutions; and generate public engagement with art. Curators are, therefore, uniquely positioned to have an important impact on the artistic field, and on the communities they serve.

By connecting curators from different regions, backgrounds, and generations, and across social, political, and cultural borders, ICI provides an international framework for knowledge-sharing within which curators’ and artists’ practices can further develop.

ICI works with curators, artists, and art spaces from around the world to produce and present exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives for professionals. These collaborative programs promote our core values of cultural exchange, broad access to contemporary art, and building public awareness for the role of the curator. ICI engages with cultural producers who are the independent voices of the next generation of professionals in the field, and at the forefront of shaping curatorial trends and discourse.

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401 Broadway, Ste 1620, New York, NY, USA

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