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Jubilee is a friendly neighborhood vape shop located at 1487 York avenue in Manhattan, New York. 1487 York Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Jubilee is a friendly neighborhood vape shop located at 1487 York avenue in Manhattan, New York. It’s a gorgeous location, right in the Upper East side and one block from stunning views of the river. Inside is a wonderland of everything vape related: a huge selection of vapes, pipes, oils and cigarettes. Every strain of kratom, with a variety that includes teas, capsules, and super-charged shots. A multitude of CBD products: edibles, oils, gummies, you name it, they’ve got it. An absolutely beautiful array of pipes and accessories, Jubilee even carries candles and incense. Also, if you’re looking to get lucky: everyone in the neighborhood stops by to buy their lottery tickets here, Jubilee carries every type of Lotto and scratchers. They even has a scanner, so you can stop in to see if you’ve won.

The staff and the owner are knowledgeable and friendly. They go out of their way to treat every customer like a friend. The owner will even order items for you, if you need anything that they don’t carry. But honestly with the huge inventory they’ve got on hand, odds are good that they already carry whatever you’re looking for. Why you should shop here: HUGE selection of products Friendly, knowledgeable staff and owner Beautiful store within walking distance of the river and Boardwalk Great prices Cheery, neighborhood vibe Excellent customer service If you don’t understand the products but would like to learn, the crew here is ready and willing to educate you. Need pain relief but don’t know what helps the most?

The friendly staff will explain the different CBD and kratom strains, recommend the best for you and explain why the various strains have different effects. Want to quit smoking and switch to a vape, but are confused by the range of products? No problem, anyone at Jubilee will explain the difference in vapes and oils, and help you devise a plan to cut down on your nicotine intake. If you’re looking for friendly, knowledgeable customer service, an amazing array of products, and hey – maybe you’re feeling lucky and just want to grab a lottery ticket, be sure to check out Jubilee Vape and Smoke Shop at 1487 York avenue in Manhattan. And while you’re here, be sure to stroll across the street for an absolutely fabulous walk along the East River.

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1487 York Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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