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Autorun CD Creation Made Easy

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You DO NOT have to go out and buy expensive auto-run software!


You DO NOT have to go out and buy expensive auto-run software!

Introducing… Autorun CD Creation Made Easy!

Why Enable Your CD’s to Auto-run?

· It makes your product appear 100 times more professional!

· It will impress your customer and is more likely to create repeat customers!

· Provided that you have burnable CD’s and a CD-Burner, it doesn’t cost you anything to create new autorun CD’s!

How Is Autorun CD Creation Made Easy Different from Other Auto-run Ebooks?

· You are first familiarized with the file you are going to be working with (that file is provided.)

· Then you’re provided with easy step-by-step instructions. I’ve included a basic example with pictures to better illustrate the process.

· Autorun CD Creation Made Easy also provides you with various options (you can enable your CD to simply auto-run or you can set up a menu to autorun instead!) Additional options are addressed.

· ACCME is geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Regardless of your computer skill level, you CAN easily enable your CD’s to auto-run!

· If you run into a problem, support is only an email away!

· There’s even a section (with pictures) on how to make an HTML menu using Microsoft Word!

· ACCME is in PDF form ~ you don’t have to worry about any No Page Found errors as with some .exe Ebook files out there nowadays.

· EXCITING UPDATE! 2 Video Tutorials (A Step-by-Step Basic Example and Changing Your Autorun Settings) have been added to simplify the process even more!

(Note: Most Macintosh computers will need to use auto-run software due to system limitations.)

Specifically, What Computer Skills Do I Need To Be Able To Do This?

If you can…

1. Open and edit a simple text file.

2. Save a file.

3. Drap and drop files into a folder.

4. Burn a CD…

then you should have absolutely NO problem enabling a CD to auto-run!

How Much Does Autorun CD Creation Make Easy cost?

You won’t believe this but I am offering this exclusive, new Ebook for ONLY $14.99! For the benefits you’ll reap from this Ebook, that is really a drop in the bucket!

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