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Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you want to easily share information and content directly from your own website to a market of over 800 Million “AND GROWING” users, hungry for what you are selling, with a click of the button, I suggest you take notice of this launch…

As we all know Facebook has taken the web by storm and just about everyone you know is now on facebook and it’s only going to get bigger.

The opportunity to market your business and products are greater than ever and you can position yourself today to cash in and take advantage of the “facebook frenzy”.

You’ve probably heard that Facebook is the LARGEST Social network on the web and has over 800 million ACTIVE members and receives 2 BILLION HITS A DAY, what if you had the ability to tap into just .001% of that, wouldn’t that be HUGE? I would say so!

The best thing about Facebook is that it’s so Large and Diverse that it’s nearly impossible to become saturated, so no matter how many people grab this amazing plugin today, there will always be room for your product or business to grow and succeed!

What I’m bringing to you today is a brand new WordPress plugin that you can install on our own website allowing you to share your content with all of your Facebook friends and Make Money in the process….Lots of Money!

I created this plugin to try and take advantage of the popularity of Facebook as social networking has become an Enormous part of our everyday lives and at the same time wanted to provide a way that you could connect and share your content easily and conveniently directly from your own website.

So without further delay…


Making Money is Easy with FB SharePoint, the All-in-One facebook plugin…

More followers = More Money

Facebook is a market that NEVER sleeps and with FB SharePoint you can surely take advantage of that!

So what is FB SharePoint?

FB SharePoint is an All-in-One WordPress plugin with 4 powerful features allowing you to share your content on facebook,with whom ever you want. Yes thats 4 plugins in One!

Check out the awesome features you will receive when you pick-up FB SharePoint today!

Feature 1 – Facebook friends inviter…

Allows you to integrate a Facebook friends inviter directly into your post or webpage!

Search for your Facebook friends right from your OWN website!

Add messages directly thru inviter box, installs easliy with shortcode button

Add an image, url, video, anything to the content you share!

Send out invitations that can be posted to your friends walls, increasing your visibility and traffic back to your site…

Communicate directly from your website with anyone you invite!

Send out a mass message to announce your next WSO, WOW!


Even lets your visitors use the inviter, how cool is that!

Feature 2 – Facebook Like Button Content Locker…

Functions as a pop up box with a preset timer that counts down prompting the user to click like…!

Optional close button provided..!

IP based tracking system to prevent double likes even when using differnt browsers…!

Create a ‘Viral Buzz’ when someone likes your content…!

Place on your download page to force customers to like before they download…!

Installs easily with shortcodes right from the WP editor…And more…!

Feature 3 – Youtube Share Button…

Add a link to your favorite Youtube video and place it on any post or page to share it on Facebook…!

Installs easily with shortcodes right from the WP editor…!

Feature 4 – Facebook Send Button…

Add an fb send button to any post or page to send specific information to your fb page…!

Send an image, web url or video link to you friends and Share…!

Installs easily with shortcodes right from the WP editor…!


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