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Free ebook with master resell right – making money publishing e-books


This free ebook comes with MRR. Give it away for free or resell it to earn extra income.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Amazon Kindle?    7
Chapter 2: Why should you Self-Publish on Kindle?    8
Chapter 3: What tools do you need to perform this task?    10
Chapter 4: Action Steps to Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle    11
Part 1: Build and format your book for Kindle    11
Insert Bookmarks    12
Make sure images you use within your book are in .jpeg format.    13
Convert to Kindle Format    14
View your New book in Kindle application    17
Part 2: How to publish and sell your book on Kindle Store    18
Chapter 5: What is KDP Select?    20
Chapter 6: Why Enroll in KDP Select?    21
Earn higher royalties:    21
Make your book free to readers worldwide for a limited time    21
Reach a new audience    21
Chapter 7: Step by Step Guide to publish on Kindle    23
Register an Account    23
Company/Publisher Information    23
Tax Information    23
Your Royalty Payments    27
Submit Your Book    29
First, Decide if you want to enroll for KDP    29
Step 1: Enter your Book details    30
Step 2: Verify your publisher right    30
Step 3: Target Your Book to Customers    30
Step 4: Upload Your Book Cover    30
Step 5: Upload Your Book File    30
Step 6: Preview Your Book    31
Step 7: Verify Your Publishing Territory    31
Step 8: Choose Your Royalty    31
Step 9: Kindle Book Lending    32
What Next?    32
Going Forward…    34
Hitting the Button: The Scary Part    35
1. People like freebies, and they like “expensive” freebies.    36
2. Getting in the top twenty lists, and staying there after the promotional period    36
3. Increased cross-promotion    37
4. Reviews bring more authenticity to your book    37
Chapter 8: Recommend Resources    38


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