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Speed Up And Optimize Your WordPress Or Shopify Website

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Speed Up And Optimize Your Wordpress Or Shopify Website.


Why is site speed is so important?

If your site takes too long to load, most people are gone, lost before you even had a chance. Not only that, but Google now includes site speed in its ranking algorithm. That means that your site’s speed affects SEO, so if your site is slow, visitors will become impatient, and you site will lose ranking in search engines.

Let’s fix that! We will:
✓ Configure your WordPress hosting.
✓ Disable hotlinking and leaching of your content.
✓ Optimize your WordPress database.
✓ Optimize your homepage so it loads quickly.
✓ Leverage browser caching.
✓ Enable compression.
✓ Minify HTML, CSS, Javascript, and much more.
It will not affect your WordPress website functionality. Site optimization will greatly improve not only the speed, but the security of your site.

You just Send us your Website URL and we will guide you which custom offer is perfect for your website.


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