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The Spyware Removal Guide

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Is your computer running slow? …or do you want to be prepared?


Are you getting lots of popups?

Is your computer running slow? …or do you want to be prepared?

What is spyware?

Spyware is a type of program that advertising companies install on your PC without your knowledge. Millions of people around the world have spyware on the computer and most of them do not even know it. They do not usually find out until their PC become heavily infected to the point it slows to a crawl, freezes or porno popups popup as soon as the computer is switched on.

Why should you care?

Spyware uses your computer’s resources, so the more of these programs you have on your PC, the slower your PC becomes. They can also affect other software on your computer and make all kinds of messes. Worse yet, spyware can steal your details! Yes, these programs are made to track your Internet usage and then ‘phone home’ to a server with the information about your habits that it has gathered from right under your nose.

What you do not know is exactly what information they are gathering. It could be your credit card details, passwords and any other information you put on your PC, as well as surfing habits. Would you be happy about them knowing you use PayPal, online banking, etc. knowing that they could be logging every key stroke that you press on your keyboard? This can leave you more open to identity theft as well as your hard earned money.

You may think you’re careful but did you know that some spyware programs trick you into installing them? This guide will show you how to avoid this how to find and remove spyware from your PC manually. Especially when using anti-spyware software alone isn’t always enough for the job. There are times when infections are so serious that an anti-spyware program can’t remove some of them until further steps are taken. There are also programs that are not effective at all.

This guide will show you real spyware examples and how to remove them step by step.

This guide will show you the following:

What the difference is between spyware, virii, etc.

How to tell if your PC is infected with spyware and/or virii

How to identify spyware on your PC

How to manually remove spyware from your PC

What tools to use and how to use them

How to prevent spyware from infecting your PC

And more!

If you want to learn how to remove spyware yourself without having to pay a computer shop to do it for you, then this guide is for you. If you have tried other methods to no avail or if you just want to learn to prevent spyware from infecting your PC then buy this guide today! Many of the techniques can also be used to identify and remove virii and Trojan Horses from your PC!

Two screen captures of the E-Book itself. Illustrations and easy to read text throughout.

This E-Book was written by a systems engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in removing spyware, virii, etc.

Master Resell Rights are included with this guide so you can resell it over and over for 100% profit without ever needing stock. You will also receive 3 BONUS E-Books FREE


This E-Book is intended for those who know their way around the Windows operating system. This guide takes the form of an E-Book (Electronic Book) and is delivered electronicallly via email. The E-Book is in .EXE format and requires Windows 98 or above to view it.

** An Internet Connection is required to view the E-Book **

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