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Earn rewards by collecting Fun Coins! 

Earn unlimited rewards by writing your listicles and/or having fun with us.

How can I collect Fun Coins? How many can I get?

Here is a detailed description of the value of each action on this website

Points for publishing Listing: 100

Points for registration: 1

Points for daily visits: 1

Points Fun Coin for viewing contents: 1

Points Fun Coin for viewing Posts: 1

Points Fun Coin for viewing Pages: 1

Points for viewing Listing: 1

Points for viewing Products: 1

Points for logins: 1

Points for comments: 1

Points for SPAM comments: -5

Points for clicking on the link: 1

Points for referrals: 

Referring Visitors: 1

Referring Signups: 10

Product Reviews: 1

Shop: 1 for every £1

Group Network Activity: Members

  • New profile activity: 1
  • profile avatar: 1
  • profile cover image: 1
  • new friendship: 1
  • Ending Friendship: -1
  • new comment: 1
  • Deleted Comment: -1
  • Favorite activity: 1
  • Removing Favorit Activity: -1
  • Sending Gift: 1

Group Network Activity: Group

  • Group Creation: 10
  • Group Deletions: -10
  • New Group Avatar Upload: 1
  • New Group Cover Upload: 1
  • New Forum Topics: 1
  • Editing Forum Topics: 1
  • New Forum Posts: 1
  • Editing Forum Posts: 1
  • Joining Groups: 1
  • Leaving Groups: -5
  • New Group Comments: 1


How can I use my Fun Coins?

Use your Fun Coins to shop at You can only buy products that belong in the FunCoins Category. To note, 1000 Fun Coins equal $1 USD.

Can I convert Fun Coins to another currency?

No. Fun Coins can only be used to purchase products from our shop at this moment. P.S. You may only purchase from the FunCoins Category only.


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