Finally a Bird Book That Gives You All You Need To Know To Take Care Of Your Pet Bird or Aviary

All You Need To Know About Pet Bird Nutrition
How To Care For Your Pet Bird, Practical Advice by Dr. Joel Murphy
How To Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy and Happy
How To Keep Your Aviary Healthy and Baby Birds Safe

In-Addition, You’ll Also Learn:
Expose Dangerous Pet Bird Myths
How To Find and Buy a Healthy Bird
How To Care For and Train Your Pet Bird

Inside The Book: 22 Information-Packed Chapters on Pet Bird Care

Chapter 1 – Pet Bird Misconception
Chapter 2 – How To Choose a Healthy Bird
Chapter 3 – The Veterinary Exam
Chapter 4 – Parrot Nutrition
Chapter 5 – Basic Pet Bird Care
Chapter 6 – How To Detect Illness In Your Pet Bird
Chapter 7 – Emergency Care and Poison Prevention For Pet Birds
Chapter 8 – Parrot Beak Disorders

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