HTML Compressor is Fast and Will effectively compress Your html files while preserving your meta tags.

HTML Compressor makes it easy to compress your html files.


  • 2 different algorithms to compress files, ZIP (LZSS + Huffman) compress and HTML (LZSS only) compress
  • 3 different compression levels for HTML compress, Fast, Normal, and High
  • Super fast compression in both algorithms, the decompression process of both ZIP and HTML compress takes almost no time in small files (1 to 30 KB)
  • Allows password protection of HTML files, this protections doesn’t stores
    the password, it uses a CRC32 checksum calculation to determine if the password is correct
  • Program can preserve the meta tags of the HTML file so it can be accessible to search engines
  • Program can save backups of compressed file in the Backups\ folder
  • Shows full compression statistics that includes filename, size, packed size and compression ratio

HTML Compressor Software


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