“Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Instantly Turn Any Text Article Into A Complete Ready To Upload Web Page”

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Are you looking for an easy way to build your own web sites using articles?

Instant Article Page Builder is a simple tool that will instantly turn any text article into a complete, ready to upload web page.

Before you can use the software, you need to create your own “template”.

A template is an HTML page that is just like a normal article web page, except that it has the special text %%article%% where the article text should appear.

The template can also optionally include additional special text to indicate where the article title, article keywords and current date should be inserted.

You only need to design your template once – and you can then use it for all your web pages. The software will create new article pages by taking a copy of your template and automatically replacing the special text with the relevant information for that article.

You can also optionally create an index (or home) page, which will links to all the article pages. Whenever you create a new article page, the software will automatically add a link to that new page into your index page.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the software is very easy to use:

To use the software, just type or paste the appropriate details into the boxes, click the Create button and select where to save the article.

The software will then instantly generate a complete new web page and optionally add a link to it into your existing index page.

You can then use the software to build more pages – as many as you want.

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