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Discover How You Can Achieve Your Ultimate Dream of Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer !!

Discover How to Draw Your Designs like a Pro!!

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Trend Forecasting Tips- stay ahead of the fashion trends!

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer to make Your Clothes!

The ‘SECRETS To Becoming A Professional Fashion Designer’ Manual- Ebook:


1. Introduction to the World of Fashion (pg 3)

2. Wholesale and Retail fashion: What’s the Difference? (pg12)

3. The Evolution of Fashion: The Fashion Cycle: Why some trends disappear faster than others (pg5)

4. Where Trends Come From: and How to Predict the Trends ( pg 6)

5. The History of Fashion: Why does History Repeat in Fashion? (pg4)

6. Careers on Fashion- How to get the Job you Want! (pg16)


7. How to Successfully Design a Clothing Range (pg 20)

8. Couture vs. Ready to Wear: Which one is for you? (pg 22)

9. Leading Designers: Are You the Next Big Designer? (pg 24)

10. Range Building: how you can build a successful range of clothing that sells! (pg 28)

11. How to Get Your line picked up by a Fashion Boutique or large Retailer (pg 30)

12. The Design Phase: Design Considerations : what MUST you know when designing your range?(pg 31)

13. Fashion Forecasting: How to be in ‘style’ at the right moment! ( pg 18)

14. The Fashion Calender: what trade shows are on and where? (pg 19)

15. How to Get Your Designs Made ( pg 40)

16. How to find your successful money making niche! (pg 46)


18. How to start your own Fashion Label- Successfully! ( pg 48)

19. 8 STEPS to Starting a Business ( pg 52)

20. Raising Start-Up Capital- How to get the loan for starting your range.. (pg 56)

21. Government Grants (pg 58)

22. Tips For Success (pg 60)

23. What you need to know before you go into business! ( pg 60)

24. Trade Shows: where can you sell your clothes to buyers? ( pg 62)

25. How to Write a Business Plan (pg 63)

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