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Get paid taking Pictures with Sellphotoz.com

Get paid taking Pictures with Sellphotoz.com Houghton Regis LU5 5DY, UK
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Get paid taking Pictures with Sellphotoz.com

Get paid taking Pictures with Sellphotoz.com

Are you a professional photographer or you just love taking pictures as a hobby? Have you ever thought of a place where you can upload your photos and make money from them? If the above description depicts you, then I will encourage you to read on.

You may have heard or read about websites were you can upload your pictures for people to download and you earn a royalty payment. However, you need not worry if you are not aware of any of such websites, because I will introduce you to a great website called sellphotoz.com were you can upload your photoz and earn from tem.

How much can you make per picture download on sellphotoz.com?

You can earn from $0.10 per any of your picture that is downloaded from sellphotoz.com depending on the quality and type of picture. You get to keep 80% of the royalty payment from each of your photo that is bout from sellphotoz.com.

Can I make a full time living from sellphotoz.com?

It is actually up to you to decide if you want to make a full time or part-time income from sellphotoz.com. This is because sellphotoz.com as a great number of monthly visitors that visit the site to search for quality pictures they can use. If your pictures are of good quality and can be used to tell a wonderful story, you are most likely going to get a large number of people downloading your pictures which will translate to you earning much.

Therefore, if your desire is to start making money from your pictures, I will advise you to head to sellphotoz.com and start uploading your pictures.

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