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Designing the interior of a house is incomplete without perfectly fit doors. We basically think of doors for covering while neglecting several other options in choosing the door design. Here at JENNY DOORS we offer the highest quality varieties of house doors and interior/exterior to meet our clients and architects demands. Jenny doors can provide any door, in any style or size made with any wood, glass or aluminum. Interior doors are available in,

.bi-fold doors
.Louvre doors
.French doors
.pocket doors

Bi-fold doors are generally used to enclose a closet, pantry, or laundry area. The doors may be wood, metal, or a composite such as wood covered with vinyl and typically come in four panels. Bi-fold doors pivot on pins inserted at the top and bottom edges, which allow you a greater opening space than a sliding door. A similar option is folding which take up little space when opened.

Passage doors swing open and close on two or more leaf hinges, and are the most commonly used doors in homes. They can be purchased either as a slab or as a pre-hung unit. A pre-hung door comes pre-installed within a door frame, with hinges already attached and the door itself usually bored for a lockset. Pre-hung doors save installation time by eliminating the need for a carpenter to construct the jambs, mortise the hinge gains, and fit the door to the jambs, but the selection is limited.

Louver doors are essentially standard passage doors in which all or some of the panels have been replaced by angled wood slats. Louver doors are typically used for closets, utility rooms and laundry rooms because they provide ventilation and privacy. A full-louver panel format offers the most ventilation, but a louver-over-panel format offers the most style because it looks very similar to solid panel doors.

We also supply a variety of foreign security doors. Call us for your pivot doors, sliding doors, fire proof doors, garage doors and windows.

We are a Global door vendor of world class finishing and furnishing products.

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Nigeria Newspapers, Lagos, Nigeria

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